Omdia reports that Genetec is world’s fastest growing access control software provider

Omdia reports that Genetec is world’s fastest growing access control software provider

According to Omdia (Informa)’s latest access control report, Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, is the fastest growing access control software provider in the world. The report showed Genetec rising to 4th position globally (up from 6th and 8th positions in 2018 and 2017 respectively) with a growth rate of nearly 5 times the pace of the market.

“Genetec was the fastest-growing software provider in the Americas in 2019, increasing by over 1 percentage point to reach over a 9% share and maintaining its 3rd place ranking in this region. The company’s rise over the past several years has been emblematic of a broader trend favoring vendors that actively sell first-party access control and video surveillance solutions. The Synergis access control software from Genetec readily supports integrations with VMS software and video analytics,” said Bryan Montany, physical security analyst at Omdia.

Enterprise, government, education, and public safety organizations are moving away from proprietary solutions in favor of secure access control solutions that are part of a unified physical security platform. This allows them to make clear, timely decisions based on a richer understanding of their security and operational environment. Delivering on this requirement has resulted in Genetec not only outpacing market growth for access control, but also continuing to be recognized as the global leader in video surveillance software according to another recent Omdia research report.

“While much of the industry has been concerned with traditional access control needs, Genetec has taken a radically different approach that looks beyond the door,” said Léon Langlais, vice president, product engineering at Genetec. “As the market moves away from legacy technology, enterprise customers want to invest in a modern, open-architecture access control solution that enables their organizations to not only strengthen their security, but also extract actionable intelligence to improve operations.”

Genetec offers an open platform solution that supports a wide range of 3rd party access control devices. The company’s flagship access control system, Security Center Synergis™, enables customers to leverage existing network and security equipment investments, while also offering flexible deployment options based on the latest in information technology to ensure enterprises have flexibility while optimizing their spend.

Importantly, the company has developed access control solutions that go beyond the traditional confines of facilities and doors to enable customers to extend the functionality of the access control system.  These innovations include physical identity management (Genetec ClearID™), access control for unmanned or remote infrastructure, and the ability to leverage access control intelligence to improve daily operations and facilities management.