Nozomi Networks demonstrates critical infrastructure focused OT and IoT security solutions at GITEX Technology Week

Nozomi Networks demonstrates critical infrastructure focused OT and IoT security solutions at GITEX Technology Week

Nozomi Networks, the leader in operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) security, has returned to GITEX Technology Week to educate visitors about growing vulnerabilities stemming from the rapid convergence of OT and IT systems in an increasingly digitalised world. GITEX Technology Week 2022 continues until 14 October at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE.

Nozomi Networks has demonstrated its new subscription-based Threat Intelligence Feed, which can now be used with third-party cybersecurity platforms. The continuously updated feed provides data on malicious IP addresses or URLs, new indicators of compromise (IOC) signatures, threat sources, malware hashes, and methods and tactics to gain system access. It serves as a comprehensive security feed for OT and ICS applications, with new use cases and tools to improve defences against new and emerging threats.

Bachir Moussa, Regional Director for MEAR at Nozomi Networks, commented: “GITEX Technology Week is one of the premier technology exhibitions in the Middle East, and we are excited to make a return as the threat landscape evolves and gives businesses new challenges to overcome.

“Digital transformation offers a myriad of advantages to organisations but, unfortunately, it also makes them potential targets for regional and international threat actors including hackers, nation-state threat actors and cybercriminals. We are eager to hold strategic discussions on critical infrastructure cybersecurity with existing and new customers on IT, OT and IoT, and how organisations can develop and adapt their security frameworks to mitigate emerging threats.”

Nozomi Networks can be found with partners Oregon Systems and StarLink, and is highlighting its full portfolio of internationally proven OT and IoT security solutions, and the benefits offered to critical infrastructure operators and owners. In its Digital Trust Insights 2022 report focused on the Middle East, PWC stated that organisations know that cyber risks are increasing, with more than 43% of its 3,602 survey respondents expecting a surge in reportable incidents next year above 2021 levels. The report cautioned that “ever more sophisticated attackers are plumbing the dark corners of systems and networks, seeking – and finding – vulnerabilities”.

Airports, automotive, building automation, chemical, food, logistics, manufacturing, smart cities, transportation, and water are key verticals increasingly leveraging IoT platforms and IT to find new efficiencies, effectively address market and user demands, and reduce costs. As part of their digital evolution, organisations must secure their digital assets against all manner of local and global cyber threats.

In line with GITEX’s key theme of ‘Enter the Next Digital Universe’, Nozomi Networks will continue to showcase how it can facilitate and support the transition into the next digital universe by protecting critical infrastructure, as well as industrial and government organisations from existing and emerging cyber threats.

Moussa added: “The ‘Next Digital Universe’ is one where everything is smart and interconnected. Despite the benefits and ease of these connections, the sheer volume of sensitive and critical information available in the digital sphere, and how accessible it is, leaves individuals and organisations more vulnerable than ever.

“In response to these evolving threats, we recently announced our Threat Intelligence Feed subscription service, which can be used outside or independent of our Guardian and Vantage platforms with third-party security platforms. It allows customers to leverage a single, unified feed of threat intelligence across other layers of their security stack, once they have subscribed.”

“With over 57 million OT, IoT and IT devices already under our watchful protection, organisations can rely on us to minimise risk and complexity, while maximising operational resilience through solutions that deliver exceptional network and asset visibility, threat detection, and real-time insights for OT and IoT environments.”

At GITEX Technology Week, Nozomi Networks’ team of senior executives and cybersecurity experts are available onsite to share more information about its Threat Intelligence Feed with potential customers, as well as provide interactive demonstrations of other solutions.