New cyber security company CPX launched to fight against cyber attacks

New cyber security company CPX launched to fight against cyber attacks

A new cyber security company has been launched in the UAE to protect businesses and government entities against the increasing number of cyber threats.

The company called CPX Holding has been launched as a result of the vulnerabilities exposed after the COVID-19 pandemic, in which many organisations around the world found themselves easy for exploitation by cyber criminals. As a new company, CPX has been created to reduce the threat of cyber attack and empower businesses to be innovative and embrace the best preventtative measures.

CPX Holding CEO Khaled Al Melhi said: “At CPX we want to deliver on our promise to give clients peace of mind so that they can focus on what they do best.

“The marketplace is facing rapid technological advancements and in the wake of the pandemic, every organisation, be it private or public, has embraced a connected digital future. At the same time, businesses are racing to maintain their competitive advantage as they adapt to these new technologies, often leaving gaps that can be exploited by malicious actors. CPX will partner with clients on their journey, limiting their exposure to cyber threats and increasing their opportunities to innovate and thrive.”

He added: “Cyber threats keep leaders up at night. But it’s time to bring cybersecurity out of the shadows and see it as an investment in the business that will deliver real value beyond reactive protection.

“Organisations that invest in improving their ‘cyber maturity’ do better because they unlock growth opportunities and can gain a greater competitive edge. We believe that businesses and governments should see cybersecurity as an essential business investment that gives them the advantage to drive growth and profitability.”

CPX will offer its clients end-to-end cyber defence solutions and services, from internal policies definition, to cybersecurity assessment and rescue services.