New camera option for prisons and secure facilities

New camera option for prisons and secure facilities

ITS Products has released its latest version of an anti-ligature non-grip corner custodial camera, specifically developed for prisons, secure mental hospitals, custody suites and immigration detention centres.

The CMD4 has been designed to offer an extremely wide field of view minimising room blind spots. High-resolution recordings ensure appropriate treatment of room occupants while also protecting authorities from spurious lawsuits.

The CMD4 delivers megapixel image resolution in full colour while the room is lit and during darkness the near invisible IR illuminators allow comprehensive monitoring of vulnerable inmates.

The camera is ONVIF-compliant and works with all leading video surveillance recording and management systems. It balances zero ligature or grip potential for a cell occupant intent on self-harm with protection of the unit from attack. Vandal resistance is at a premium for violent inmates or in other demanding environments and the camera meets IK10 in terms of resisting external impact up to 20 joules.

Covert energy-efficient IR illuminators produce clear actionable video in low or minimal lighting conditions when this is required during sleeping hours. Discreet observation of cell occupants who may be in a distressed state can continue for their own protection in complete darkness if necessary.
Flexing into the corners of a cell or room, the CMD4 factors out gaps, something that is greatly appreciated in mature estates where a true 90-degree corner is a rarity says ITS. The camera and integrated corner housing can be installed in minutes and maintenance or inspection requires use of only six screws.

Chris Newman, a director of ITS Products, said: “We’re constantly listening to feedback from our users in the international custody market. Our remit is broad and the camera has been devised for the wellbeing of everybody be they inmates, patients, guards, supervisors, health professionals or visitors.” He adds:“Any detention facility presents unique demands on security equipment, and cameras designed for more general applications simply don’t achieve the required results.  Our new release has optics and structure optimised for this environment.”

ITS Products’ design team behind the CMD4 has worked in high-security prisons ranging from Scotland to Sydney. As with all of the company’s offerings, the unit is created from raw materials in the UK from ITS Products’ own manufacturing base.  It is available in the UK from ITS Products and through selected overseas distribution partners.