New app for airport analytics management

New app for airport analytics management

A new analytics tool has been developed by airport security specialist, Vision-Box, to help assist airport operators and security staff manage passenger details and complex operational metrics.

Called vb dashbox, the new web-based tool is designed to harness, analyse and give meaning to raw data and present it in a meaningful and customisable way. Plus it is also available on all laptop, tablet and mobile platforms.

Users can change their personal performance flow analytics display using a widgets library depending on the information they need. For example, live operational monitoring of the entire passenger clearance process with remote process control. The application’s aim is to give a  holistic view of the data in clear, easy-to-read, interactive and real-time charts.

Role-based control of the analytics and management of the data means that access is restricted to authorised users depending on their job – be it   24/7 access to in-depth quality data intelligence, passenger trends or full operational control across multiple locations and devices.

“Vision-Box’s mission has always been to assist stakeholders in the aviation sector to achieve a higher level of airport operational efficiency while providing a safe and effective product, reduce risks, and improve operating costs”, says Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO. “With this powerful new analytical tool, Vision-Box is delivering on this mission in giving airport authorities the ability to leverage their data into actionable business intelligence and optimise their processes through better utilisation of information.”