MoL urges public to follow the rules for security cameras

MoL urges public to follow the rules for security cameras

The Ministry of Interior (MoL) has appealed for the public to follow the rules and regulations in place when it comes to installing security cameras.

The appeal came during a virtual awareness lecture last week on the importance of surveillance cameras and security systems in enhancing security and safety. The lecture was organised by the MoL Public Relations department in cooperation with the Security Systems Department (SSD).

“Security cameras should not be installed without the approval from the Security Systems Department”, commented Capt Jassim Saleh al-Sulaiti, an officer at the SSD Technical Office. “The SSD ensures that establishments, public places and other facilities in the country are equipped with cameras and surveillance equipment that comply with required technical specifications.”

He also noted that no camera visuals should be handed over to any agency without the express written permission from the SSD, and only once approval is granted can they be handed over.

He also pointed out that the licence can be cancelled at any point if the camera manufacturing company fails in their duty to ensure that their products conform to the required specifications and image quality. Finally, no camera should be installed within the rooms of employees in such a way that it would intrude on their privacy.