Mobile surveillance market on the move

Mobile surveillance market on the move

There is a growing market for mobile surveillance solutions with rapid deployment according to PureTech Systems who has just launched a new three-pronged sensor approach that provides advanced video detection and autonomous sensor control for mobile platforms of vehicles with a total setup time of a few minutes.

The result enables mobile surveillance platforms to be moved rapidly between observation positions, and once there, be quickly enabled for automated video detection and sensor operation.

“We see a growing demand for the use of intelligent video in non-stationary situations,” says Larry Bowe, president at PureTech Systems.

“One of the major markets for this type of technology is in the area of mobile surveillance. These customers want the ability to quickly deploy a video surveillance platform and then have it perform to the highest specification levels in terms of detection distance, accuracy and automation.

“No one sensor can easily provide that level of performance, especially in a rapid deployment scenario, but allowing several sensors to collaborate results in a high performing system that can quickly adjust to the physical location and attitude of the mobile platform.”

The key to rapidly deploying intelligent video capability says PureTech, lies in understanding the vehicle’s position in 3-space.

3-Space refers to the platform’s heading, roll, and pitch, which can vary extensively based on the vehicle’s operating environment and final observation location. This understanding is facilitated through several specific sensor integrations, including GPS and Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS).

This results in a rapid camera calibration process, which in turn allows for critical autonomous video capability, such as, long range map-based camera control, target detection and classification via video analytics, slew to radar and scan to target.