Miscommunications in IT security leads to breaches

Miscommunications in IT security leads to breaches

More than half (67%) of top-level managers in the UAE and KSA have admitted that a miscommunication within their IT security team has resulted in a cybersecurity incident.

That’s according to a global survey from Kaspersky – which also revealed 97% of non-IT respondents experienced miscommunication with regards to IT security.

The consequences could prove to be costly for organisations. The most common consequence of miscommunication is serious project delays with 63% of respondents citing this. But coming closely behind is a cybersecurity incident which 62% of global respondents say they have experienced.

Other negative effects include wasted budget, loss of a valued employee and deteriorating relationships between an organisations teams.

Alexey Vovk, Head of Information Security at Kaspersky, said: “Clear communication between a company’s executives and IT security management is a prerequisite for corporate business security.

“The challenge here is to put oneself in the others’ position, to anticipate and prevent serious misunderstandings. This means that, on the one hand, CISO should know basic business language to better explain the existing risks and need for safety measures. On the other hand, business should also understand that information security in the 21st century is an integral part of business and budgeting for it is an investment in protecting company assets.”