Serco appoints Jeff Miller as Middle East Security Director

Serco appoints Jeff Miller as Middle East Security Director

Serco, International Public Services company with roots in defence capabilities, have announced Jeff Miller will be taking the role of Director, Security and Defence in the Middle East. The position highlights the role Serco seek to play in the future of the Middle East Security Marketplace.

The new role engages directly with the defence capabilities of Serco Middle East, building on the company’s mission to support governments as an impact partner, training and creating workforces that are equipped with the skills needed to promote and manage national security.

Some of these skills can include acquisition, modernisation, logistics support and asset management.

Jeff Miller has been working within the Middle East for over 20 years, with experience in government relationships, talent acquisition, capability development and organisational development.

Previous positions involve work as a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Director, and work with the Defence Collaboration Services (DCS) in the Middle East.

He’s also served multiple tours in active duty in the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi, where he spent three years building up a network of solid military contacts.

Speaking on the hire, Daniel MacGregor, Chief Growth Officer of Serco Middle East stated “We are thrilled to welcome Jeff to Serco […] We are strengthening out commitment as an impact partner in defence and security, and this will further accelerate our overall growth plans to support governments and organisations int he region to realise their national visions.”