LogRhythm teams up with SecLytics to deliver intuitive cybersecurity capabilities

LogRhythm teams up with SecLytics to deliver intuitive cybersecurity capabilities

Security companies LogRhythm and SecLytics have collaborated to reshape the cybersecurity capabilities across the Middle East.

The partnership will aim to offer improved high-performance analytics and threat intelligence capabilities, as well as working to reduce new and develop risks in the region.

Through the partnership, LogRhythm and SecLytics will help Middle East businesses to easily provide digital transformation in the market and guard their customers with aligned early threat detection and their protection. SecLytics will deploy Augur pXDR solution to give patented predictive threat intelligence, that leverages machine learning. In alignment, LogRhythm will soon roll out its NextGen SIEM to provide unique, high-performance analytics and a highly-efficient incident response workflow.

Saeed Abu-Nimeh, co-founder and CEO as Seclytics, said: “We are working with LogRhythm to transform cyber resiliency in the Middle East and enable organisations to expand their applications and services without risk. This requires cybersecurity providers to deliver a unified experience to ensure that businesses in the region are gaining the best possible security experience and are in a strong position to tackle emerging threats.”

He added: “Together, we are empowering SOC teams to mitigate threats more efficiently by aligning pXDR and NextGen SIEM to realise enhanced security capabilities. With the right tools in place, security teams can adopt a proactive approach for eliminating targeted attacks.”

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