LEGIC announces partnership with Chinese security firm ZKTeco

LEGIC announces partnership with Chinese security firm ZKTeco

Swiss-based biometric solutions provider LEGIC Identsystems and Chinese security firm ZKTeco have announced their partnership.

With over 3600 employees, 1000+ R&D staff and 38 overseas subsidiaries, ZKTeco is dedicated to providing biometric solutions to global users of public services, enterprise and personal services. By joining the LEGIC Identsystems Partner Network, the two companies will be able to offer global security solutions.

John Harvey, Head of BU Access Management at LEGIC, said: “This partnership gives ZKTeco privileged access to LEGIC’s Security Platform, Trusted Services, embedded Security Modules and contactless identification expertise.

“We are proud to help enable ZKTeco’s broad range of fixed and mobile solutions for smart identity and smart access to buildings, vehicles and objects to profit from LEGIC’s state-of-the-art enabling technology.”

Raymond So, Global Marketing Manager at ZKTeco, said: “Our customers demand that our Access Control solutions provide the highest level of security and broadest compatibility. Leveraging LEGIC’s proven, end-to-end Security Platform across our products and services enables us to give our global customers complete confidence in our solutions, company, and brand.”

The LEGIC partner network consists of over 300 partner firms and countless specialists working on a wide variety of enterprise, smart city, mobility and IoT systems and applications. It promotes the development of valuable competences and know-how through the active exchange of knowledge and synergies among partners. This enables partners to continuously innovate, creating diverse products and services to address new business opportunities. LEGIC partners share a joint vision of making the everyday lives of people and organisations easier and more secure.