IT company Riverbed announces new strategy to accelerate growth

IT company Riverbed announces new strategy to accelerate growth

IT company Riverbed has unveiled its latest strategy to support its global customer base and accelerate growth within a $19 billion market.

As well as the new strategye, Riverbed is also announcing a new brand identity across its portfolio; including Alluvio. The new identity has been created to reflect the evolution of the Company and technology, and its strong market momentum. Riverbed has seen more than 30% year-over-year bookings growth for its visibility and observability solutions in the last three quarters.

Dan Smoot, Riverbed president and CEO, said: “This marks an exciting new chapter for Riverbed. We’re capitalising on our trusted brand, the dynamic growth, and market momentum for our visibility solutions to position Riverbed as a dominant leader in the rapidly growing observability market.

“Through our vision to deliver a highly innovative, differentiated SaaS-based Unified Observability portfolio, we will meet an urgent customer need and disrupt the market. We are focused on helping our customers transform massive amounts of data into actionable insights, so they can drive enterprise performance and deliver exceptional digital experiences.”

The new strategy comes as experts predict the observability market will reach approximately $19 billion in 2024. Drivers of this growth include the tectonic shifts to hybrid work and networks, multi-cloud environments, and modern application architectures. These shifts make it extremely difficult for IT to extract actionable insights from data and proactively manage performance using existing tools.

According to Riverbed’s Hybrid Work Global Survey, 75% of business decision-makers  say their organisations struggle to glean actionable insights from data that is generated by their technology infrastructure. Furthermore, IT still relies on siloed tools to manage performance and user experience, and are overwhelmed by massive amounts of disparate data and alerts that provide little context or actionable insights.

Observability is meant to solve these problems, but current solutions fall short. Observability tools that limit or sample data rather than capture everything leave IT blind to potential issues or opportunities for proactive improvement. Even so-called “full-stack” observability solutions fail to capture all relevant user, network, and application telemetry to effectively troubleshoot problems at scale for today’s complex, hybrid, and distributed infrastructures.

Introducing Alluvio by Riverbed

To address this industry challenge, Riverbed has invested and focused the company’s R&D efforts in the last year to develop technology and a unique approach to unified observability. Alluvio by Riverbed, the Company’s Unified Observability software portfolio, is being designed to provide IT with a unified view to see through massive complexity, and transform data into actionable insights across the entire digital ecosystem and enable automated self-healing. This will enable organisations to provide seamless digital experiences that drive enterprise performance for both the employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX).

Jonaki Egenolf, Riverbed’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained: “The name Alluvio derives from alluvium — the place where riverbeds unite and create the most nutrient-rich environment to mine for gold— with the ‘o’ standing for observability. Metaphorically, it represents the coming together of discrete telemetry streams where insights that are hard to find, but worth their weight in gold, reside.

“Our Alluvio unified observability solutions help customers find that gold as fast as possible, turning actionable insights into business value so companies can stay competitive, productive and satisfy users’ fierce appetite for seamless digital experiences. Together, with our Acceleration portfolio, we are able to help customers first illuminate and then accelerate every interaction – and ultimately empower the experience for users everywhere.”

The Alluvio by Riverbed portfolio includes Riverbed’s industry-leading visibility tools for network performance management (NPM), IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) and Digital Experience Management (DEM), which encompasses application performance management (APM) and end user experience monitoring (EUEM), that are available today and used by thousands of organisations across the world.

Riverbed’s vision of the Alluvio unified observability portfolio is to capture every packet, flow, and end user transaction across multi-cloud and on-premises networks, applications, and user systems at full fidelity; and then apply intelligence through machine learning and artificial intelligence, and help IT quickly identify and resolve digital service quality issues so organisations can maintain productivity and deliver on user experience expectations.