IpDoor is now available worldwide

IpDoor is now available worldwide

IpDoor, the smart video door phone, is now available all over the world. IpDoor is a safe, efficient and completely made in Italy product that ensures the highest level of technology in the video door entry sector. Indeed, it isn’t quite your average door phone: it brings the standard experience to a whole new interactive level. You can communicate with your visitors through many ways: send personalized instant or preset messages (both written or spoken) or start a video call from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be inside the house to communicate with your visitors or open the door!

Thanks to the touch display of the door phone you can easily communicate with anyone in front of your door: you can welcome your guests or give directions using preset or dynamic messages, pronounced when the visitor arrives or when the keys are pressed, and even show yourself on video during the response. Greeting and talking to people is effortless, whether you’re at home ready to open the door or on the other side of the world.

A simple app on your smartphone means endless advantages. You can check who is calling at your door, communicate with them and decide whether you want to let them in (think about a postman, for example). Not only that: receive a notification (and a proof video) if someone tries to enter your door, manage different stations and entrances at one time while also giving this possibility to other accounts (a family member? A collaborator?). Finally, IpDoor can be integrated with smart home systems from third parties, so the APP lets you have total and remote control of your home.

IpDoor knows the only safe key is the virtual one. You can get (someone) in your house or office through numerical PIN codes, QR codes, NFC and Bluetooth technologies. You can customize your access control system, enabling temporary codes to be sent with a simple link (for example for occasional guests) and you can always have clear details of who accesses your environments and when.

One of the strengths of the IpDoor system is its flexibility. The door phone, just like the app or the internal monitors, has a minimal design and thanks to centralized management on the cloud platform, the integrated wired and wireless network interface, the graphic personalization of the touch display and the advanced access control functions, IpDoor can adapt to any installation environment. Its revolutionary technology works perfectly in residential complexes but also in the industrial sector, offices, Bed & Breakfasts. The only limit is your imagination.

IpDoor is now available all over the world, you can find information through their website or their offices in Italy, Dubai and Singapore.