Intersec 2023 highlights: AI evolution and importance of exhibition

Intersec 2023 highlights: AI evolution and importance of exhibition

Between the 17 and 19 January 2023, over 43,000 attendees from 131 countries came together for the world’s leading fire, security and safety exhibition. Intersec 2023 was the most popular the exhibition has been in its 24-exhibition runtime, with individuals from across various sectors coming together and displaying innovative designs and insights.

The record turnout displays the fact that we are heading towards a new era for the industry, in which cognitive security and surveillance will dominate the marketplace.

Below, you’ll find some of the best bits of our interviews with industry heads, as they shared their opinions on evolving artificial intelligence (AI), the importance of Intersec and the challenges modern companies face in the modern market landscape.

Aluisio Figueiredo  – CEO of Intelligent Security Systems – ISS

Regarding the future of AI and its incorporation into security systems around the world, with specific reference to Mexico City and its 65,000 camera infrastructure, Figueiredo states that AI was a “force multiplier”, describing it as a mind, working in tandem with existing technologies. “For me, AI, those sophisticated algorithms, they are just the tip of the iceberg,” said the industry figurehead.

“Cases are becoming so complex […], the technology is following that.”

Figueiredo suggests that AI isn’t slowing down anytime soon, neither is its incorporation into security systems – he goes on to make further mention of existing technologies that are being incorporated into, or are becoming a part of AI learning.

“We’re seeing good uses for AI. Like, speech recognition – It wasn’t built for security, no. Can it be used in the security market? Of course, it can. We are now combining a multitude of other outputs for AI […], I can see this happening for years to come.”

Rudie Opperman – Engineering and Training Manager, EMEA at Axis Communications

Rudie Opperman added to these ideas of the implementations of artificial intelligence into the marketplace.

“The security industry is moving very fast in a direction where we use AI to generate what we call ‘actionable insights’ […] We’ll be seeing fewer people actually looking at security camera feeds. We use AI and additional sensors to generate metadata, pick out trends, spot things early, and help make decisions.”

Opperman picked up on the idea that companies will inevitably be outpaced by AI, what’s important is that these companies utilise technology that allows for the smooth implementation of AI.

“For us, the challenge is to make sure, as we have done in the past, to be very open and easy to scale into these other deployments”.

Jermaine Campbell – Video Imaging Editor at SEAGATE

Jermaine Campbell was enthusiastic about the stands and displays that SEAGATE were able to set up, thanks to the resources available at Intersec.

“The stand represents who we are in the region, it’s very different to everything else around here. It’s futuristic!”

The conference enabled SEAGATE to present its USP in a visual manner, one which stood out in the crowd. In the same way, SEAGATE could display what they could bring to Saudi and the middle east market, through the innovation on display, enabled by Intersec.

“The middle east is a growth market. […] Saudi is a key focus for us.”

Alaa Dalghan – Director of Cognit DX

Alaa Dalghan spoke on the future of the industry: “On a national level, security and technology in general is taking centre stage.”

Cybersecurity, fire, physical security and safety are currently capturing the attention of thinkers across the middle east. With this being such a growing market, companies are growing more and more competitive to get the best minds and innovators in their leagues.

“The biggest war […] will be to attract the talented people.”

Looking to the future of the conference calendar, following the success of Intersec 2023, Dalghan mentioned the Security Middle East Conference – the exciting forthcoming event for which he is on the advisory panel helping to drive the content.

“Security Middle East Conference is a ‘cant-wait’, a special place on the conference calendars here in the region, […] it is not focusing on footfall, on exhibiting hardware, but mostly on key leadership.”

These exhibitions are where innovation goes to show off, the forefront of the security industries, fire industries and more will be on display at both the Security Middle East Conference in 2023 on May 9th and Intersec 2024 on January 16th-18th 2024.