International wireless solutions providers announce new group to serve different industries

International wireless solutions providers announce new group to serve different industries

Ramtech has announced it will be working alongside businesses Argus and Hyfire to form ‘The Orama Group’ to combine the expertise of industry leading wireless solutions providers.

This new collective will serve to push innovation and expand geographical reach, in order to further meet the wireless safety and security needs of different industries – from construction to commercial and industrial applications.

Made possible through the Halma Group’s ownership and investment, The Orama Group together covers more than 30 geographies across the globe. By working closely to take advantage of its pooled expertise, The Orama Group plans to focus on developing new wireless technologies and solutions and further expand its market reach.

James Pecz, global marketing and business development manager at Ramtech, said: “Historically, Ramtech has a significant presence in the fire and security industries around the world and this collaboration with two more leading companies will mean knowledge is being used even more effectively to protect people and places.

“In a rapidly digitising world, products and solutions that integrate will be essential for professionals in the safety industry. Our aim, through The Orama Group, is to make the lives of those with responsibility for others easier through the power of technology.

“We have recently launched new and improved versions of our most successful products, proving our commitment to always seeking greater awareness and answers for our customers’ problems. Technology is being used in all industries now in a variety of ways and through The Orama Group we believe that we can leverage the opportunities presented by adaptation, integration and collaboration.”

Ramtech has been developing wireless solutions for more than 30 years, which are now aiding the fire safety and security of construction sites and holiday parks in more than 30 countries. Its role in The Orama Group will be vital in enabling access to the latest software and hardware that will be incorporated into future group-led solutions.

Giorgio Koursaris, managing director at The Orama Group, said: “This is an exciting and forward-thinking project. I speak for all three founding companies in the group when I say we are excited about the future as part of The Orama Group.

“Each company brings different strengths and expertise to the to the table and these varied skill sets will allow us to offer truly best in class digital and wireless safety solutions to multiple industries over the coming months and years. Digital and wireless excellence is at the heart of everything we want to achieve as members of Orama.”

Simply led by the purpose to shape a safer world through innovation, The Orama Group’s culture is built on thinking digitally, acting transparently, being accountable and staying close to customers.