Industry thoughts on GISEC Global 2023

Industry thoughts on GISEC Global 2023

GISEC Global 2023 took place in March, featuring industry veterans and thought leaders coming together to discuss the future of security in the Middle East and the way in which security initiatives will be implemented in other sectors.

Discussion focused on evolving digital security solutions as cybercrime threats continue to surge, and hybrid work becomes more mainstream across the industry.

Nozomi Networks showcased the new Nozomi Arc – the industry’s first endpoint security sensor that complements Guardian and Vantage deployments with more visibility into a host’s attack surfaces and anomalies, offering a more detailed view of an organisation’s complete OT/ICS environment.

“This year, we are planning further expansion of our technologies from the protection of industrial OT environments to the protection of critical cyber-physical/IoT infrastructures in verticals such as banking, building automation, food & retail, logistics, smart cities,” said Anton Shipulin, Industrial Cybersecurity Evangelist at Nozomi Networks.

GISEC remains ever-important with threat actors predicted to develop their technologies into 2023 and beyond.

Shipulin continued: “Organisations need highly skilled cyber professionals and more advanced cybersecurity solutions to defend against an increasingly sophisticated range of attacks. In 2022, we have seen cyberattacks on critical infrastructure affecting industries ranging from transportation to healthcare. Based on activity monitored by Nozomi Networks researchers, we’re expecting cyber criminals, hacktivists and nation-state actors to continue to hone their skills and evolve their craft for greater success this year.”

As cybersecurity technologies develop, and new authentication, scanning and sensor technologies begin to operate within networks, the cybersecurity landscape remains as turbulent as ever.


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