Idesco Oy wins innovation award for smart phone based credential product

Idesco Oy wins innovation award for smart phone based credential product

Finnish Security Awards has presented its Innovation Award 2020 to Idesco’s new mobile access solution: Idesco Mobile Lite, which lets users enter locked doors using credentials stored in their phones.

Traditional RFID access control systems allow secure access only to users carrying, for example, an authorized card or tag. By contrast, Idesco Mobile Lite offers a more convenient, yet equally secure alternative to cards.  “Idesco Mobile Lite is a simple, user-friendly innovation for making both access and access control management easier”, said Turvallisuus-lehti’s Editor-in-Chief, Timo Lahtinen, award jury member.

When you download Idesco Mobile Lite app (AppStore or Google Play), it embeds a unique device ID in your phone. After that ID is enrolled in a system equipped with mobile-compatible Idesco readers, you may enter merely by carrying your phone. Idesco’s RFID readers, installed at doors, verify your phone’s device ID using an encrypted Bluetooth connection. You can enhance security at specified doors by requiring users interact with their phone or even fulfill its own security unlock protocol, e.g. pin-code, fingerprint, pattern, etc.

Idesco Mobile Lite also differs from other mobile access control applications in its convenience. New users don’t have to register personal details to a cloud service. The phone’s device ID is ready to use instantly after enrollment – no e-mail confirmations, online accounts or password management. Specific readers can be configured to let users access by simply detecting the phone in their pocket. This is more than merely convenient. It is also a uniquely hygienic, hands-free way to authenticate health care personnel transiting secured zones in hospitals – without their ever needing to touch an automatic door trigger.

Idesco Mobile Lite’s user-friendliness also makes it ideal for providing temporary access rights. Hotel guests downloading the app before they arrive at the hotel can then enroll at reception, embedding room access rights in their phones that last only for the duration of their visit. Best of all, Idesco’s mobile-compatible readers readily integrate into existing MIFARE systems, able to read traditional DESFire cards, where preferred.

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