Huawei teams up with ISS for safe city surveillance across region

Huawei teams up with ISS for safe city surveillance across region

Huawei is working with Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) to provide enhanced safe city surveillance capabilities to law enforcement agencies around the region.

Intelligent Security Systems will share with Huawei its expertise on the integration of smart video surveillance camera solutions to complement Huawei’s innovative cloud-based intelligent surveillance infrastructure. The enhanced surveillance systems will be jointly developed and tested at the Huawei Open-Lab Center in Dubai.

“Huawei’s partnership with Intelligent Security Systems reiterates our commitment to developing industry-specific, customer focused solutions that embrace new ICT through a collaborative ecosystem of partners,” said Richard Cai, Director of Open-Lab Middle East, Huawei Enterprise Middle East. Intelligent Security Systems’ intelligent video solution is matched to Huawei’s cloud-based intelligent surveillance solution that provides 24/7 high-definition surveillance that uses low bandwidth and supports continuous video recording. The joint solution will deliver intelligent surveillance capabilities that will enable law enforcement agencies in the region to receive automated, video-based alerts of potential threats, reduce operational costs and enjoy faster, more efficient response times to emergency situations,” he added.

Huawei’s video content management software also provides video summary, intelligent searching as well as facial recognition, helping law enforcement authorities to find critical information quickly and easily from huge recording video pools. This software means faster identification of suspected perpetrators that means more efficient ways of preventing further crimes.

“Intelligent Security Systems is delighted to be partnering with Huawei to deliver smart video technology and automated solutions for security clients. We bring to this collaboration the learnings from deploying intelligent video solutions in more than 53 countries worldwide. Intelligent Security Systems values Huawei’s leadership in the ICT domain and we are honored to be part of their partner ecosystem,” said Mohammed Zaheer, Regional Director – Middle East & India, Intelligent Security Systems.

Huawei’s portfolio of public safety solutions including leading innovation in high definition video surveillance, broadband trunking, multi-media dispatching and intelligent analytics are delivering better situational awareness to emergency service agencies. These solutions split across six central Safe City Solution offerings: Convergent Command Center, Cloud-Based Intelligent Video Surveillance, Smart Road Safety, 4G Mission-Critical Broadband Trunking, Agile Communication Network and Secured Cloud Data Center solution.