Hikvision solves Riyadh Animal Shelter’s security challenges

Hikvision solves Riyadh Animal Shelter’s security challenges

Saudi Arabia’s first licensed animal shelter, the Riyadh Animal Shelter, was originally equipped with CCTV. However, the video footage needed to be constantly monitored by staff and volunteers reducing the time they had available to care for the animals at the shelter.

With limited budgets and dated infrastructure, it was down to Hikvision MENA to help bolster their security provisions. The company contributed a state-of-the-art IP security system, incorporating 32 cameras as well as PTZ cameras that can eliminate blind spots in the animal play yard.

Not only does it give the animal shelter the most up-to-date security equipment but it can all be managed simply through the Hik-Connect App. Anyone working at the shelter is able to access live video feeds from any device. In the event of a security breach, those nominated will receive alerts on their mobile device immediately so they can respond promptly.

The system is also helping to prevent any animal from being abandoned close to the centre, rather than being bought into the facility where staff can take a detailed pet history. The Hikvision solution supports vehicle and human recognition capabilities to help address this.

Writing on its blog Hikvision acknowledged: “As a tech company with a strong commitment to sustainability and social wellbeing of the local communities where we operate, Hikvision is proud to be ‘giving something back’ to help the Riyadh Animal Shelter carry out its important work.”

TDSi recently announced that its GARDiS Access Management Software now fully supports integration with Hikvision’s latest generation of intelligent cameras.