Hikvision launches fixed and mobile under vehicle surveillance

Hikvision launches fixed and mobile under vehicle surveillance

Hikvision has moved into the under vehicle surveillance market with the launch of two new types of UVSS’s – one fixed model and one portable. Both models can accurately capture an image of the underside of a moving vehicle to provide detailed critical security monitoring.

They can be used to automatically screen every vehicle entering or leaving a site, with popular applications including prison ‘mantraps’, customs border checkpoints, secure car park entrances, and many more. At crowded airports, high-volume venues, large-scale events, public places, and high security facilities they can be deployed to quickly and accurately identify hidden threats, contraband, or the smuggling of persons.

For fixed applications, the Hikvision MV-PD-030001-02 under-vehicle surveillance system can integrate with an existing security system to provide automated display and video storage of the underneath of cars and heavy vehicles.

The Hikvision MV-PD-030001-03 ‘all-in-one’ portable UVSS provides the same automatic collection of underside vehicle high-definition images, display and storage as the fixed model. Comprising ANPR camera, display equipment, and auxiliary control equipment, the portable UVSS model is the ideal choice to secure public venues, hotel entrances, and other temporary application under-vehicle chassis surveillance needs.

Both UVSS model versions display a super-wide field of view and can be relied upon to prevent the intrusion of hidden under vehicle bombs, weapons, biochemical dangerous goods, and unauthorised people, entering or exiting restricted places. Multiple modules combine to form each UVSS, making the configuration of customised solutions simple. Providing a high-level of access security, the systems can be integrated with rising barriers, rising ramps, traffic lights and existing security control room equipment.