Google selects iris identification from Aditech for data centres

Google selects iris identification from Aditech for data centres

Iris identification biometric technology from Aditech has been chosen by Google to secure data centre access management

Following a selection process that included a number of on-site meetings and demos in select locations, followed by different implementation stages, both locally and internationally, Iris Recognition became a crucial part of Google’s 6 Layer Security Protocol. The first stage involved iCAM4000 iris scanner deployments for non-contact authentication in high secure areas in Mountain View, Iowa, Dallas and NY.

The data centre deployment process was rolled out over the past several years, and in some locations, deployments are still ongoing. The data centres have already gone through a couple of generations of Iris Identification products and different integrators, ranging from Siemens, Tyco and Northland to ADT and MCDean.

The technology provides less false rejects and one enrollment does suffice. Based on this forecast, the technology has been primarily implemented in Tier 1 data centres globally, as a cost-effective solution. Iris Access has so far been used in data centres in the US, Ireland, Finland, Belgium and Asia.

The Iris Access platform has been deployed for access control in many mantraps and single entrance access with anti-piggybacking locations, within the Google data centre deployments.

The data centres are protected with several layers of security to prevent any unauthorised access to your data. Aditech use secure perimeter defense systems, comprehensive camera coverage, Iris based biometric authentication, and a 24/7 guard staff. In addition, they enforce a strict access and security policy at our data centres and ensure all staff is trained to be security minded.


They also have local and regional security operations centres covering the entire data centre fleet. These SOCs monitor and respond to alarms at all of the facilities and are constantly tracking local and global events that could impact operations at our data centres. The security teams also run year-round testing to ensure that we’re always prepared to respond to any situation. And along with routine testing, the teams run a robust enterprise risk management program to proactively assess and mitigate any risks to the data centres.

View a short security video from Google: