GETAC rugged solutions for public safety

GETAC rugged solutions for public safety

During Intersec 2019 in Dubai, Getac will present the latest public safety solutions at Booth S3D43, right next to the Dubai Police pavilion in Sheikh Saeed Hall 3. Come see what Getac’s rugged mobile computing solutions can do for you.

Founded in 1989, Getac Technology Corporation provides rugged mobile computing solutions for demanding professions. Our rugged laptops and tablets can withstand impact, vibration, shocks, drops, water, dust, and temperatures ranging from minus 20 to over 60 degrees Celsius.

The Amstetten fire station is one example of how public safety professionals use Getac. Rosenbauer, the leading supplier of fire-fighting vehicles and equipment in the world, combined their EMEREC mobile information management software into Getac’s fully rugged 11-inch tablet, the F110. The solution has been successfully adopted by the fire department of Amstetten, Austria.

The Amstetten fire station is now more productive and can serve its community even more effectively. Fire-fighting volunteers can respond to emergencies more quickly and are confident they’ll receive the right information at the right time from the operations center. 

The F110 is light, portable, and resistant to vibrations, rain, or extreme variations in temperature. The device has a battery life of up to 12 hours. Getac’s exclusive LumiBond 2.0 technology allows users to interact with the screen using a stylus pen, fingertips, or while wearing gloves. It is easily readable in a wide range of lighting conditions, including the bright and variable light encountered at the scene of a fire.

For a video demonstration, please CLICK HERE. 

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