Genetec security solution technology: Synergis

Genetec security solution technology: Synergis

The IP access control solution Synergis, from Genetec, has been designed for security professionals to allow them to take back control of their internal systems with confidence.

Genetec’s Synergis unifies multiple systems to create a one-card solution to getting around the premises.

The Synergis system is entirely scalable, whether you’re operating in a single-building installation, or across far-reaching, multi-site deployments. Synergis is adaptable, so when a business grows, the security system will easily grow with it, and thanks to the bespoke modular design of the systems, anything can be added or takeaway when required. As a result, companies need not worry about breaches, or slow-downs in identification.

As a truly open system, it connects to a large and growing selection of third-party access control devices. Seamlessly unified with video and other security systems, it delivers operational and security insights about secured areas leading to more informed decisions and improved operations.

In addition, as a fundamental part of Genetec’s Security Center, Synergis provides the foundation to unify your security and operations into one single platform. With access control being only one part of a much bigger solution, this provides companies with a more efficient way to manage and grow their business over time.

Genetec is one of the sponsors for the Security Middle East Conference taking place later this year.