G4S appointed to manage security for Sheikh Suroor’s Private Office property portfolio

G4S appointed to manage security for Sheikh Suroor’s Private Office property portfolio

Sheikh Suroor’s Private Office (SSPO) has appointed ASWAQ management services, ETRE and G4S Secure Solutions to manage the security of its multi-million dollar property portfolio, including the landmark Eitihad Towers.

The new security management plan incorporates many of the requirements from mandated government sponsored schemes such as the Higher Authority for Terrorism and Crisis Acts Management initiative, the Urban Planning Council initiative and the security in the built environment Safety & Security Planning Manual initiative.

G4S Secure Solutions UAE will manage the security of assets. Security director for the project is former British Military and Intelligence specialist, Simon Carnegie. He says: “The imperative is in getting the balance right between non-intrusive security and the requirements of each and every tenant”.

A diverse property portfolio such as SSPO requires a strategy that allows businesses to function whether that may be a hotel hosting a government conference, or shoppers enjoying a day out at a favorite retail outlet. This requires security risk to be managed at different levels to facilitate the requirements of the end user.
Following the 18-month engagement with G4S, SSPO now has an non-intrusive security framework, which enables SSPO facilities to function as required. Risk assessments have identified security vulnerabilities and plans are now in the implementation phase to mitigate identified risks to an acceptable level. Enhanced security training and investment in the guard force is also underway along with senior SSPO stakeholders who have been involved in crisis management, business continuity planning and workshops. Government driven security mandates for systems upgrades are under development at several SSPO locations. All tenants, staff and customers can be assured that their welfare, safety and security are of utmost importance.


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