French security company Obvious Technologies strengthens presence in UAE

French security company Obvious Technologies strengthens presence in UAE

A French security tech start-up founded in 2018, has set sights on the GCC for its next phase of growth and established an office in Dubai, UAE.

Obvious Technologies’ advanced software suite ‘OODA’ leverages 3D Data Visualization and digital twin technologies and includes an open platform integrating security, safety, communications, business systems. It is equipped with a powerful Big Data analytics engine and artificial intelligence applications to public and private organisations seeking to secure mission-critical facilities, processes, and events.

Thierry Orosco, co-founder and eco, Obvious Technologies, said: “The GCC has been at the forefront of innovative technology adoption, and a growing and evolving market requires innovative solutions that match today’s mission-critical processes. Among governments in the region, and in the UAE in particular, the strategic importance placed on digital transformation, and data management, analytics, and visualisation services, security, and processes make our on-ground presence timely. At Obvious Technologies, we are especially optimistic about the potential to partner with organisations to support national resilience and global competitiveness, and are building a regional team to drive our relevance to the landmark initiatives, projects, and events in the region.”

The Paris public transportation operator RATP was the first digital twin showcase project, for whom Obvious Technologies developed a comprehensive multi-sites 3D situational awareness, geolocating the client’s infrastructure and assets worldwide. This was followed by significant regional inroads, with the Hamad International Airport in Doha, where OODA acts as a cutting- edge Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution, and the overall security and public safety management at four stadiums, in the preparation of the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022, to name a few.

“With our expertise and growing experience, we can be a reliable, agile long-term technology partner for public agencies and private critical businesses. Our differentiator is a real-world understanding of pain-points, and adding a technology layer of support to human priorities and missions. We are proud to carry our challenger, start-up attitude to our solutions development, which drives us to innovate for simplicity, especially around the user experience”, Orosco added.

Obvious Technologies adopts the military-inspired OODA framework for security, which follows the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act pattern, along with strong inspiration by the codes of the video games’ user experience, aiding quick decisions and action. To this, Obvious Technologies adds an analytical layer, which converts input to intelligence intuitively, innovatively, and immediately. The company’s platform is able to handle a massive flow of data and events and is expandable, interoperable, and open by essence. The company was created to fill a gap in the market not providing effective and simple tools to operators or agents who don’t have time, special IT skills and have to deliver complex human missions – technology is there to display actionable intelligence and facilitate coordination and action in real time, particularly when multiple agencies and chains of command are involved.

Headquartered in Suresnes, France, Obvious Technologies offers a software suite for mission-critical vertical markets such as safe cities, critical infrastructure protection, airports, transportation, major events and intelligence. Leveraging the simplicity of use from the gaming industry through native 3D data visualisation, the agility of latest generation open platforms, data analytics based on artificial intelligence and unique decision support features, the startup offers simple but effective solutions for all type of missions, whole life cycle and the overall chain of command. Obvious Technologies is part of the Neostone Group, which also includes Axone Systems.