Ethical hacker to share secret tactics at Intersec

Ethical hacker to share secret tactics at Intersec

Intersec 2022 will be welcoming ethical hacker, Freaky Clown (FC) to the show, who will be headlining the Cyber Security Lab, held in partnership with UAE Cyber Security Council.

As a well-recognised ethical hacker and social engineer, FC will be disclosing secret tactics and his unique insight to the audience.

The Cyber Security Lab will be operating under the theme ‘into the unknown’ and will be focusing on cybercrime, building cyber resilience, cyber threats, infrastructure investment, national security and international cooperation. Its strategic partnership with the UAE Cyber Security Council will help to bolster cyber security in the region and improve coordination and response times to potential attacks.

FC will be talking about how cyber criminals circumnavigate access controls, how government and organisations can identify their cyber weaknesses and what they can do to improve their security.

He said: “At a time when governments, individuals and organisations over the world are experiencing a steep increase in cyber security threats, I am in a unique position to be able to share inside information on the very people that they are being attacked by. I can help them become more aware, more secure and more capable of defending themselves”.

Over the course of 16-8 January 2022, the Dubai World Trade Centre will stage six Intersec conferences – including the Cyber Security Lab.

Alex Nicholl, Messe Frankfurt Middle East’s Head of Intersec, commented: “Intersec’s commitment to bringing the brightest, most qualified experts to the stage in 2022 is exemplified by the attendance of FC.

“Perhaps more than most, he understands how cyber criminals think, how they operate and what tools they use to beat security controls. Having worked for major global organisations like Raytheon, the depth and breadth of his insight must be heard – and we are incredibly excited to hear what he has to say at Intersec 2022.”

The news of the latest headline speaker comes just weeks after Sir Alex Younger, former MI5 chief, was announced as a speaker at Intersec’s Global Security Leaders’ Summit.