Discreet incident recording solution to protect frontline staff

Discreet incident recording solution to protect frontline staff

Body worn camera specialists Edesix’s is launching a range of discreet incident recorders to help protect vulnerable staff.

The VideoTag Series ( the VT-100 and VT-50), stream live footage and have a standby battery-life of up to three months. The VT Series also provides audio and video capture of incidents when utilised as part of a larger body worn camera and CCTV security function.

The VT-50 has been designed mainly for indoor use, and is aimed at sectors such as airlines, indoor retail or education. The VT-100 is a more robust, weatherproof camera and has room for an ID badge. It is ideal for lone workers, debt collectors, supermarket workers and areas of the police. The VT-50 can record up to one hour of footage, while the VT-100 records up to two hours.

“The VideoTag Series provides another option in our armoury of body worn cameras, they are light-weight and completely unobtrusive, making them perfect for any uniform, and ideal for those looking to record on a less regular basis or to equip all staff with recording devices,” comments Richie McBride, managing director of Edesix.

“The VideoTag will complement your current security function, providing additional body-worn protection to staff throughout any organisation. The VideoTag Series allows staff in public-facing roles, who are not part of the security team, to create a safer working environment for themselves and their colleagues.

He adds: “Body worn cameras are now making a real difference to the protection of staff, and the general public, across an ever-growing list of sectors, including security, retail, local authorities, and emergency services to name but a few.”

The company will also be showing its X series of cameras at the forthcoming IFSEC exhibition in London – Europe’s biggest security event. The X-100 head mounted camera and the X-200 torso mounted camera, are external camera accessories for its VB-300 VideoBadge range. Both cameras allow for 1080p recording and are designed for tactical use.

The X-100 is a side-mountable tactical head camera, ideal for use on headwear as currently utilised by police firearms divisions. The X-100 offers automatic rotation of footage, meaning it can be worn on either side of the head without requiring user configuration to rotate footage.

The X-200 is a torso-mountable camera for use on uniform vests, tactical body armour or all-weather clothing. Both accessories are easy to operate and integrate into an existing evidence capture procedure. Recording is triggered by a toggle push-button and haptic, audible and visual alerts will leave the operator and the public aware of recording beginning and ending.

The company’s camera streaming gateway software, enables ONVIF compliant Video Management systems to be compatible with Edesix body cameras, streamlining the management of footage for users. Cameras integrate with VideoManager and leading CCTV Video Management Systems via ONStream, meaning captured footage can be instantly shared and viewed by security staff.