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Defending a country, its institutions, its critical infrastructure and strategic assets means staying a step ahead of the adversary, ensuring the benefits of civil-military dual use applications. It means understanding the threat landscape, analysing relevant risks and minimising the consequences of attacks while ensuring a safe path of digital transformation.

Cyber information superiority systems, next-generation control rooms and advanced cyber training and test platforms: adopting an integrated approach to security, Leonardo - a leading global Aerospace, Defence and Security company - provides public and private organisations with the best technologies and solutions to enhance the cyber-physical security and resilience of strategic data and assets. As an enabler, cyberspace is an asset that can serve a range of digital technologies, infrastructure and cloud solutions, ensuring the effectiveness of operations. That’s why Leonardo embeds cyber security into its platforms, products and infrastructure from the design phase (“secure by design”), ensuring the future resilience of these assets. 

With more than 5 million Indicators of Compromise monitored and over 21,600 security offences managed per year, Leonardo guarantees comprehensive situational awareness to ensure protection and proactive defence against the most advanced systemic and hybrid threats.

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