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With over 90 years expertise in fire detection, Hochiki has gained global acceptance as the benchmark for high integrity and long-term reliability and is an international market leader in the manufacture of fire detection products. With a core philosophy dedicated to the improvement of life safety, Hochiki invests continually in R&D, testing and manufacturing procedures to achieve absolute product innovation and efficiency. Products are tested under real fire conditions in which all procedures ensure optimum performance and long-term reliability.

The HFP system from Hochiki offers complete solutions for all fire detection requirements. With analogue addressable and conventional systems available for commercial and industrial applications, Hochiki also has a range of products suited to more specialised environments, which includes wireless, aspirating and voice evacuation systems, and intelligent LED based emergency lighting.

For especially demanding environments, Hochiki provides industrial, explosion-proof and marine products which have been designed specifically for these challenging applications.

Complying with EN54 standards, the ultimate quality of Hochiki’s comprehensive range of products virtually eliminates false alarms and, combined with ease of installation, offers the greatest reliability with the lowest total cost of ownership possible in a modern life safety system. Your safety, Our technology.

To find out more about Hochiki products, or to find your nearest distributor, contact the Hochiki team.

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