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Antaira Technologies (formerly Aaxeon Technologies) prides itself on being a top developer and supplier of device networking and industrial communication products. The past few years have been incredible for our former name, including first team honoree in wireless in 2011 and wireless and Ethernet in 2012, but it is time for us to truly focus our efforts in becoming your leading provider of Industrial Networking Products. Our name change conveys our significant expansion of business activities which now include offices in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Our product lines include a wide range of networking products including Ethernet switches, media converters, serial to Ethernet devices, industrial wireless devices, multi-port serial cards, and many other products for your networking and communication needs. Antaira brand products offer a guaranteed warranty of five years and boast a broad range of certifications and classifications intended for rugged and harsh outdoor or indoor environments.

Our products feature reliable Ethernet infrastructures, extended temperature tolerance, rugged enclosures, multiple management capabilities and greater network efficiency. Yet they are priced such that they are an affordable industrial solution, allowing them to be utilized in multiple applications in markets such as security, industrial automation, transportation, power/utility and oil & gas.

Here at Antaira Technologies, we still strive to meet our customers’ needs at any cost. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products to our customers. We at Antaira make sure that when a customer receives our products, they receive a product that they can depend on and feel confident with to run their applications.

Not only do we guarantee reliable products, but we also offer exceptional customer service throughout the entire ordering process. We strive to meet our customer’s unique needs in order to help them improve their business by offering pre-sales, sales, and technical support throughout the buying process.

With years of experience in the device networking industry with experts in serial, Ethernet, and USB communications, our team of engineers is proud to use their combined experience and excellent customer service to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to the markets and customers we serve.

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