Digital Dubai and Al Ameen Service launch ‘WeGotYourBack’ campaign

Digital Dubai and Al Ameen Service launch ‘WeGotYourBack’ campaign

Digital Dubai and Al Ameen Service have collaborated to address issues including reporting cybercrime, blackmail and matters of security in its ‘WeGotYourBack’ campaign.

The campaign aims to raise awareness and educate all members of society to reach out to Al Ameen Service as a direct and confidential means of support in Dubai. Within the campaign, several themes are addressed including raising awareness on the dangers of blackmailing, encouraging victims to report such incidents to Al Ameen Service accounts through social media channels. The campaign emphasises the support that Al Ameen Service can provide, including confidentiality and privacy.

Another post of the campaign advises victims not to hesitate to report blackmail. It advises victims of blackmail not to give the blackmailer a chance to reach out to them as the consequences of responding to their threats can sometimes make things worse. Al Ameen Service advises to immediately block the blackmailer from social media accounts and change passwords for email and all online accounts.

Al Ameen service aims to communicate with all members of society by opening safe, direct and confidential communication channels that operate 24/7. The campaign aims to educate young people, parents and educational institutions conveyed in multiple languages ​​such as Urdu, Chinese, Russian and Tagalog.

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