DG World in Dubai partners with Radiant for secure network solution for self-drive trucks

DG World in Dubai partners with Radiant for secure network solution for self-drive trucks

Rajant Corporation, has entered into a strategic partnership with DG World, a Dubai-based company that develops products and solutions using advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and self-driving systems to provide them a network solution for DG World’s self-driving containers trucks.

Due to the mission-critical nature of their fleet, specific to seaport operations, DG World requires continuous connectivity for never-fail mobility. Rajant’s Kinetic Meshâ is a smart network that works peer-to-peer to form connections with other nodes as they move in range. These network nodes can hold multiple connections simultaneously over multiple frequencies. Often in port operations, one path can become blocked. Rajant’s technology has machine learning capability to identify and route communications via the next-best available option overcoming any obstruction instantaneously and autonomously without outside intervention.

Chris Mason, Rajant’s director of Sales – EMEA, said:“DG World has been working with Rajant since 2017, incorporating Kinetic Mesh with InstaMesh into their advanced vehicle automation technology. The resiliency, high bandwidth and low latency of Rajant’s Mesh network have enabled them to develop sophisticated control systems ideally suited for use in container ports.”

DG World’s autonomous technologies combine LiDAR and camera data to classify and track objects helping to identify pedestrians, vehicles and roadway details such as lane lines, construction zones, and signage. Their set of long-range sensors track high-speed objects, such as oncoming vehicles, while short-range sensors provide details about moving objects near the vehicle, such as pedestrians and bicycles. Close coordination between hardware and software team evaluations have afforded DG World the ability to pinpoint potential failure modes for all systems and address them throughout the development cycle to ensure a safe, reliable product.

According to Gautam Ahuja, DG World’s business development & sales director: “No one technology makes this “brain”(autonomous system) work. Instead, the computers use a combination of systems that work safely together, including Mapping, Simulation, Behavioural Control, Machine Learning, Localisation, Planning, Safety, Controls, Networking, Dispatch and Routing, Perception, and Remote Assistance.

All of these data points need a mission-critical, fail-safe network as Rajant has to offer. Partnering with Rajant, a global leader and sole provider of their Kinetic Mesh wireless network, will strengthen our offering of an end-to-end solution for any port in the world. Showcasing our technologies together at TOC Asia is a one-stop service to any seaport operator looking to automate their ITVs and other port vehicles.”