Developers and security teams need to work together

Developers and security teams need to work together

Fifty two per cent of developers say that security policies are stifling their innovation, according to new research from VMware. The research reveals a widening gap between developers and security teams which could lead to serious consequences.

The findings revealed:

  • 22% of developers strongly agree that they understood the security policies they are expected to comply with.
  • 27% of developers are not involved in all security policy decisions.
  • 37% of decision makers say their organisation’s teams are not strengthening relationships between security and development.

By aligning the two teams, organisations can reap the rewards. In businesses where security and development have strong working relationships, software development lifecycles can be five business days faster, compared to teams that are disparate.

And despite where many organisations may find themselves now, it’s fair to say that many are waking up to where they need to be headed to remain competitive and successful. More than half (53%) of survey respondents say they expect security and development teams to be unified within three years. In the same time period, 42% expect security to be more embedded into the development process.


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