Cyber security specialist named as one of Saudi Arabia’s fastest growing jobs

Cyber security specialist named as one of Saudi Arabia’s fastest growing jobs

The job of cyber security specialist is now one of the fastest growing careers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, according to recent data.

This was closely followed by roles such as data scientist, talent acquisition specialist and back-end developer, as the job market in the region is returning to its pre-pandemic levels.

In a recent study by LinkedIn, specialisms such as big data, network security and machine learning are some of the fastest-growing skills. The study also found many businesses looking to accelerate their digitalisation plans after the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted operations.

LinkedIn found that factors such as the pandemic, digitalisation, transformation in employee priorities and new government policies in the region have influenced the most in-demand jobs.

A poll from December 2021 found that Seventy-eight per cent of professionals in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are considering changing their jobs this year. Nearly half (48 per cent) cited a higher salary being the most likely reason for changing jobs, with 45 per cent wanting to learn new skills. However, if an employer were to offer a salary raise then 50 per cent said it would convince them to remain with their current employer.

In the UAE, job competition has dropped by nearly 35 per cent and job seekers are in a stronger position to negotiate salaries and terms, LinkedIn said.

Ali Matar, head of LinkedIn Middle East and North Africa and Europe, the Middle East and Africa venture markets, said: “This is part of a larger global trend that has also seen companies revamp policies and benefits to not just hire, but also retain quality talent.

“Candidates are being increasingly selective about the organisations they choose to apply for – citing flexibility, compensation and company culture as critical factors.”