Consquare Consultancy takes home final SMARt Award

Consquare Consultancy takes home final SMARt Award

We’ve already introduced you to our first three SMARt Award winners – Al-Saher International, Earth One Technology L.L.C and DATOS, and now our fourth and final winner is Consquare Consultancy.

Consquare Consultancy is led by a true industry icon – Dr Munaf Al Nidawi. As he himself says: “Consquare’s promise is to stick to the most honest and ethical behaviour during the process of operation, which is they key point to success.”

The company was established in 2007 in Dubai to act as an independent consultancy service provider. It uses and merges multiple disciplines to produce a sophisticated blend of knowledge in order to preserve lives through supreme engineering.

While the company was in its infancy, it was a small expert team taking on big jobs. Today it has grown to become one of the most active consultancy companies within the UAE. The team of experienced professionals is focused on delivering complex solutions for the most demanding customers in the region.

As Chief Executive of Intelligent Security Systems, ISS, Aluisio Figueiredo said, as he welcomed CEO Dr Munaf Al Nidawi to accept his award: “His dream, conceived a sweeping and prosperous entity that renders the most trustworthy and fruitful intellectual values associated with people lives. The dream has come to reality wrapped in ethical practice and passion for his profession. His passion, knowledge and attention to detail – which I can personally attest to after over a decade of friendship — makes his contribution to the industry and to the region unmatched.”

The SMARt Awards are organised by Intelligent Security Systems ISS, in partnership with Security Middle East magazine, Intel and Dell/BCD.