Competition for infrared tracking solutions

Competition for infrared tracking solutions

Technology Innovation Institute launches competition to develop advanced thermal imaging algorithms

Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council’s Technology Innovation Institute (TII) has launched ‘Infrared Tracking Challenge’, a crowdfunding competition to create AI solutions that are capable of tracking objects in the dark.

Autonomous ground vehicles are able to understand their environment by applying deep-learning-based algorithms which are combined with the perceptual information gained from their sensors. However, due to low amounts of light at night, the use of a standard RGB imager is not good enough. To overcome this thermal imaging sensors could capture heat data instead of light.

TII’s competition is hoping to discover machine-learning solutions that can detect, track and re-identify objects in the fark using only heat information.

The competition is open to innovators, start-ups, research institutes and university students. A total of $75,000 will be awarded to winning submissions.

Full judging criteria will be available from the start of February with submissions needed by April 5th.