Companies need to do more to restore MEA consumers’ faith in them

Companies need to do more to restore MEA consumers’ faith in them

New research from Callsign has revealed that consumers in the middle east and Africa blame banks, retailers, social media companies and telcos for the so-called ‘scamdemic’.

The wide-spread problem of scam messages has become so pervasive that consumers no longer trust the technology and processes that have been designed to keep them safe. Amongst those polled 64% say they’ve received scam email, 67% say they’ve been contacted by a scam via SMS and 36% say they’ve been targeted by social media companies.

As trust is being eroded, it becomes ever more vital for companies to reassure customers and to keep their customer data safe and protected. “It’s time to re-think fraud prevention strategies, identifying genuine users through their behaviors will allow us to identify users online and re-establish digital trust,” commented Stuart Dobbie, SVP, Innovation, Callsign.

According to Callsign the solution to ending the scamdemic is to rethink how fraud is tackled and how people are identified online. Currently the approach is to identify fraudulent activity, but to automatically and simultaneously prevent fraud we should be focusing on identifying only genuine users.

The company says the most proven way to do this is by layering behavioural biometrics over threat detection, device and location data. For example, a simple swipe of a phone can be analysed for typing pressure, mouse movements or device angles, resulting in a person being recognised with a 99.999% degree of accuracy.