Compact dome from Ava Security

Compact dome from Ava Security

The new Compact Dome is Ava Security’s answer to the ever increasing market demand for smaller cameras.

“After listening to our customers and partners, we are ready to reveal an amazingly sleek camera that maintains Ava’s high quality and powerful analytics,” says Tormod Ree, CEO of Ava Security. “The flexibility of this camera provides a compact, highly effective, and cost-effective security solution to incorporate into the Ava portfolio.”

The Compact Dome’s acoustic sensor detects audio classifications, including glass breaking, gunshots, screaming, and other loud noises. It is able to identify objects, events, similarities, and anomalies for faster searches and proactive alerts. Additionally, all footage is accessible remotely, from any location, using any device securely.

Image quality detail extends from both bright-lighting, low-light, and complete darkness. With a 5MP image resolution, an f/1.3 aperture, and IR for night vision

Installation is made easier with its snap-on case and Ethernet connection. What’s more, users can connect the Compact Dome to walls and ceilings using existing legacy mounts. As with all Ava cameras, the Compact Dome can be added to the company’s Aware Cloud in only a few steps.

It also features next-generation secure boot, automatic firmware and software upgrades, as well as encrypted data at rest, in transit, and during management.