Businesses warned to prepare for cyber attacks as a result of Russian Ukraine war

Businesses warned to prepare for cyber attacks as a result of Russian Ukraine war

Cybersecurity provider NetWitness  has urged businesses to prepare for potential cyber attacks as a result of the Russian Ukraine conflict.

NetWitness, an RSA business and globally trusted provider of cybersecurity technologies and incident response services, has released guidance from its Incident Response team urging global enterprises to take measures to prepare for potential cyberattacks.

David Gaik, Senior Director of Services for NetWitness, said: “The world has been bracing for potential large-scale cyberattacks stemming from the conflict for weeks, and recent developments indicate that enterprises should take proactive measures to shore up their cybersecurity postures and capabilities.”

He added: “We are strongly recommending that enterprises concerned about incidents should make a plan now, and where appropriate, secure a retainer for incident response services from a trusted cybersecurity vendor. Whether that is with NetWitness or another vendor, having a plan in place should be a high priority.”

The warning from NetWitness comes alongside a statement from the US via the Biden Administration which urged companies to strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities and protections in the face of potentially damaging cyber activity perpetrated by threat actors is part of the ongoing conflict. The Administration also urged organisations to execute a number of best practices for bolstering cyber defence capabilities.