Built-in AI for latest Bosch dome (Bosch introduces AUTODOME)

Built-in AI for latest Bosch dome (Bosch introduces AUTODOME)

Bosch’s latest Autodome IP starlight 5100i now comes with enhanced image quality and built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help operators react before a potential situation occurs.


Designed for outdoor surveillance applications when light levels vary, the Autodome IP starlight 5100i has a new ½ inch camera sensor offering 4MP resolution and 20x optical zoom to detect people or objects at a maximum distance up to 1,676 metres (5,498 feet). The camera is equipped with advanced motion optimised High Dynamic Range (HDR-X) at 133dB and starlight technology, which allows the camera to provide exceptional image quality during daytime and at lower light levels such as dusk and dawn without blurring of moving objects. The camera is weatherproof with vandal-resistant housing expanding its use to demanding city surveillance situations.


Built-in AI captures relevant data for uses such as enforcing traffic regulations, detecting vehicles driving in the wrong direction, and delivering occupancy data, such as the number of vehicles entering and leaving a parking garage for smarter, more efficient parking. When idle, the camera can provide relevant, usable statistics like the number of people entering a specific area, analyse behaviour, or assist in enforcing health and safety regulations such as raising awareness of a blocked emergency exit.

Starlight technology enables the camera to capture colour detail when light levels drop to nearly zero and maximize low light performance in around-the-clock city surveillance, especially to increase the visibility of pedestrians at night. HDR-X eliminates shadows and balances uneven exposure with a dynamic range of 133 dB. Operators can quickly and accurately locate a person or object in motion at a distance up to 1,676 meters (5,498 feet). They can manually track individuals of interest as they move, regardless of speed, far beyond a fixed camera’s field of view.