BriefCam showcases video analytics solutions at ISC West 2022

BriefCam showcases video analytics solutions at ISC West 2022

Leader in video analytic solutions BriefCam have showcased their latest technology and solutions at ISC West 2022.

As ISC West comes to a close in Las Vegas, BriefCam took the opportunity to showcase their comprehensive video analytics platform and their experience of delivering accurate, flexible and comprehensive data.

The latest version of BriefCam’s software reinforces the company’s commitment to enabling people, companies, and communities to unlock the value of video surveillance content, by delivering accurate, flexible, and comprehensive video analytics.

By visualising foot traffic patterns, bottlenecks, queues and crowding trends, demographic data, and staff and customer engagement stats, the company’s technology can help retailers, hospitality providers, and others with their operational and customer engagement efficiencies across the enterprise and dispersed locations, above and beyond traditional safety and security use cases for video analytics.

Additionally, BriefCam showcased to attendees the many ways their software can help business operations and customer experiences.

At ISC West 2022, BriefCam’s VP Strategy and Alliances Gili Rom also presented a session entitled “Video Content Analytics: The Secret to Enhanced Operations and Customer Experiences”. The one-hour session also explored ways that decision-makers in hospitality, retail, and other customer-facing industries can improve operations and customer experiences through video content analytics and extend the value of their existing video surveillance infrastructure. Ms. Rom also demonstrated how businesses can leverage both new and existing technologies to derive the data necessary to deliver personalised, proactive customer engagement, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in accelerating this change in customer expectations of in-person experiences.

Ms. Rom said: “Most retail and hospitality organisations use video surveillance for security, but are not taking full advantage of the technology’s potential in other areas.

“At the same time, business leaders recognise that they need to make fundamental changes to their customer experience approach to stay competitive yet lack concrete data to make it happen. This discussion will further highlight how video content analytics can provide data intelligence for understanding customer journeys, identifying inefficiencies, and developing solutions that drive customer experience, loyalty, sales, and revenue.”