Biometrics in action through Innovatrics

Biometrics in action through Innovatrics

Biometric identity management systems are a technological evolution point for electronic access to public services. At the moment, the implementation of these systems require several elements including a method of secure user identification.

Through having one reliable biometric identification system in place, newer functionalities can be added over time. This results in futureproofed security systems and allows for wider ranging e-government capabilities.

In Thailand, a single biometric system for national ID issuance was utilised, creating a database of trusted identities that can now be used in new services. Remote biometric verification not only allows secure access to personal data, but also prevents threats such as phishing and social engineering techniques.

Innovatrics is a provider of one such scalable solution. The company owns biometric algorithms benchmarked by NIST (the National Institute for Standards and Technology) for both speed and accuracy.

Innovatrics is one of the few global companies that provide their own NIST benchmarked algorithms for three main modalities: fingerprints, facial recognition and irises. These can be mixed and matched depending on the demands of the access software.

With two decades of experience and over 600 projects in 80 plus countries of the world, Innovatrics has the expertise required to solve biometric challenges and be the basis for scalable, safe, biometric solutions within e-government compatible establishments.