Banyan Cloud states the era of innovative technological trends are the reason for the evolution of Cloud Native Applications

Banyan Cloud states the era of innovative technological trends are the reason for the evolution of Cloud Native Applications

The evolution of Cloud Native Application emerges from the adoption of multi- cloud with the recent technological trends of micro services, containers, serverless, and DevOps tools.

The Cloud Native Applications shift the security focus from the infrastructure silos to the application workloads. Likewise, making security automation a part of the entire pipeline ensure that applications can be developed and deployed safely to runtime.

Insights of the Cloud Security

The transition to cloud platforms has built up with cyber security posture model where it shares a security responsibility with the cloud service providers. And the businesses are responsible for securing application workload and data with the ownership of cloud service configuration. There is a certain risk of quantitative data breaches and cyber threats. It’s crucial to visualise these threats and their consequences to guarantee the security and safety of the cloud.

The key factors contributing to Cloud security threats are misconfiguration of cloud resources, unauthorised access, and open-source software. The businesses continue to face challenges in implementing the security on cloud environments because of
the shadow IT and lack of observability of multi cloud security posture.

Monitoring applications and services for vulnerabilities are essential to prevent data breaches and regulatory non-compliance. Every business would be secure to run on continuous and automated security controls to minimise the risk and impact of cyberattacks against cloud-based resources. Being compliant with industry regulations followed by the proven best practices is a must for the businesses in the digital economy.

According to the Global Risks Report 2022 from World Economic Forum, “Cybersecurity failure” among the top-10 risks that have worsened most since the start of the COVID-19 crisis.

The cloud adoption rate and cyber security threats are continuing to be top contenders of digital transformation areas since the start of pandemic crisis.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 45% of organisations worldwide will have experienced attacks on their software supply chains and as the digital footprint of organisations expands and centralised cybersecurity control becomes obsolete.

Attacks by themselves are also becoming more aggressive by global driven malicious Cyberthreat actors using ransomware are leveraging tougher pressure tactics as well as going after more vulnerable targets, impacting public utilities, healthcare systems
and data-rich companies.

According to 2022 Cyber security benchmark study by ThoughtLab, 29% of CEOs and CISOs and 40% of chief security officers admit their organisations are unprepared for a rapidly changing threat landscape. The top reasons include the complexity of supply chains (44%), the fast pace of digital innovation (41%).

To alleviate these concerns, Banyan cloud provides simple to use the cloud governance and business protection.

Banyan Cloud is a next-generation SaaS Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform, built on principles of zero trust and data security first which provides Cloud security posture management, Cloud Entitlement management, Shift Left and Data Security.

Banyan Cloud is the utmost platform where technology, scale, security, and innovation work together to provide the governance, observability, security for your Multi Cloud and Multi tech infrastructure. They provide power and protection with continuous monitoring and enforcement combined cyber security capabilities to enable end-to-end protection for the cloud-native application life cycle.

Services Banyan offers:

  • Cloud Security Posture Management
    Secure and simplify the complexity of multi-Cloud environment with real-time governance, observability, and security remediation capabilities
  • Data Security
    Secure all the popular database technologies and compliant with configuration and data privacy regulations globally
  • Cloud Entitlement Management
    Offers the identity monitoring across multi-cloud platforms with audit analysis of people actions and configuration changes to enforce the least privileges to mitigate the cyber security risk
  • Shift Left
    Hardening applicationa at the early stage of Software Development Life Cycle to avoid the security threats in the live environment that improves the quality of service.

Nagesh Konduru, CEO of Banyan Cloud, said: “Businesses cannot be the Cyber safe with a onetime regulatory compliance audit, it is only possible with a continuous monitoring the security posture of digital assets is crucial to remain in today’s world.”