Bahrain International Airport tests biometric technology

Bahrain International Airport tests biometric technology

The Bahrain Airport Company is revolutionising the international airport experience by incorporating the use of biometric technologies to help secure passengers and their belongings.

This biometric initiative is being tested at Bahrain International Airport with a proof of concept (POC) to evaluate the potential impact on passenger processing times and non-operational revenues.

Passengers are enrolled in the programme through facial recognition technology used either online or at the airport counter during check-in. This scan will continue to be used at various checkpoints, including bag drop, security screening, border control, airline lounges, retail and boarding points.

The success of this initiative rests on achieving synergy between various stakeholders responsible for operational processes, not just the airport operator. The implementation of this technology also raises important considerations regarding information security and privacy.

Customers who wish to avoid the facial-recognition technology will have the option of queuing in the conventional manner.

While the biometric programme at Bahrain International Airport will help improve security protocols, it could also help battle the sharp decline in traffic which many airports have felt since the covid-19 pandemic.

Touchless technology – such as biometrics – can help restore customer confidence in travelling, allowing them to avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces, maintain social distance and have a safer environment. On a practical level, biometrics can also help reduce processing times.

Regardless of the choice of technology used, individuals will need appropriate passports and documents. Recently, the Emirate document, the UAE Passport was identified as the strongest in the world.