Atlantis, The Palm Resort in Dubai doubles its CCTV count

Atlantis, The Palm Resort in Dubai doubles its CCTV count

Security Integration specialist Radclyffe Global Security (RGS) of Dubai has recently completed the first phase of improvement of CCTV coverage at the prestigious Atlantis, The Palm resort, on Dubai’s Palm Island.

Involving a significant expansion to the camera count, the latest evolution of the camera network at the resort includes Synectics’ award-winning SynergyPro VMS Command & Control software.

With an existing CCTV network of over 500 cameras, Atlantis’ management were looking to double their camera coverage on-site, to conform to the latest local legislation regarding the placement of surveillance cameras.

The Solution providing the winning tender with a competitive quote and high-quality component specification, RGS fitted 533 additional Axis IP cameras at the Atlantis, The Palm, covering all aspects of the building, including all corridors and stairwells.

“During the installation process, it was important to complete the work quickly and without intruding on the daily operation of the hotel or the guests’ enjoyment of their stay,” explains Brett Plumbridge, consultant.

“It was also important that we installed technology that would deliver on its technical promises. We specified Synectics’ SynergyPro VMS for Command & Control for the additional camera network, and demonstrated its capabilities via a comprehensive on-site demonstration by the Synectics technical team. Using quality ‘best of breed’ solutions such as Synectics’ SynergyPro VMS, we can be assured of their performance when installed on-site.

Connected to the on-site control room via a dedicated IP network, the new cameras are controlled by 7 SynergyPro VMS operator positions, and recorded via Synectics Primary Storage Node technology with more than 350Tb of storage, utilizing the latest H.264 compression technology.

“The SynergyPro VMS review environment means play back of any potential incident is instant and of the same superb quality as the live footage,” adds Brett. “This was very important for the hotel’s management and a key requirement in the original design brief – one that we were able to assure them would be delivered by employing Synectics SynergyPro VMS.”

The CCTV system is used to fulfil many different roles at the resort. Security is a primary role, with the high-resolution images from the cameras used to support a manned guarding team that can be deployed to any part of the site at a moment’s notice. “Guest reassurance whilst they enjoy their time at the resort is a priority,” explains John Raath, VP Security, Atlantis, and The Palm.

“The extra cameras and the image quality we are experiencing from the new system is now providing the ultimate level of coverage to help ensure that our guests feel safe, wherever they are in the resort.” “The comprehensive camera coverage is also imperative to site management,” explains Brett Plumbridge. “With such a large resort, the servicing, deliveries, and daily management of housekeeping at the site needs to be very organised. With high-resolution images coming in to the control room from all areas of the resort, its management can keep a close check on housekeeping procedures in any area of the business, at the touch of a button.”

Even the Ambassador Lagoon, the resort’s 11 million litre marine habitat is now included in the CCTV coverage, with the high-resolution images ensuring the well-being and condition of all marine life and their habitat at the resort, 24/7.

Phil Longley, vice president of Synectics Systems Group says: “We are very proud to assist such a prestigious site with their electronic surveillance, and pleased that our SynergyPro VMS platform is forming the cornerstone of the CCTV Command & Control at Atlantis, The Palm.

“The success of the new Synectics-based camera system means that we now plan to migrate the existing camera network over to Synectics VMS too,” concludes Brett. “We have already employed Synectics e800 encoders to encode signals from some existing analogue cameras, in addition to employing NVT NV-208A-M single channel passive transceivers to convert many cameras from coax to UTP (unshielded twisted pair) video transmission. This has increased the quality of images received in the control room significantly.