AMAG Technology announces integration with RealNetworks

AMAG Technology announces integration with RealNetworks

AMAG Technology has announced its Symmetry Access Control software now integrates with RealNetworks LLC SAFR SCAN facial authentication readers, to give seamless access to doors, creating the highest possible tier of biometric security on the market.

The touchless facial scanner, integrated with AMAG Technology‘s Symmetry Access Control, has the capability to quickly scan faces, authenticating up to 30 people per minute, with 99.9% accuracy. The systems utilise anti-spoofing technology to ensure accurate identification in both indoor and outdoor lighting.

“We are excited to offer an integration that provides seamless, dual-authentication for our customers with SAFR SCAN,” said AMAG Technology Vice President of Product Management, Jonathan Moore.

“The facial detection and authentication technology allows users to quickly and securely access doors in any environment when used with Symmetry Access Control.”

New users can be introduced to the biometric reading and unified access control system through the Symmetry Mobile application, AMAG’s mobile credential management platform. Following this, users can take their own photo and, after being approved by security teams, it will automatically synchronise into the SAFR SCAN database.

“AMAG’s vision to constantly enhance the customer experience with technologically advanced solutions is perfectly aligned with what SCAN was designed to provide […] We’re thrilled with the partnership between AMAG and SAFR,” said President of SAFR from RealNetworks, Paul DiPeso.