Altrusia to discuss ​Cloud Governance and Security management in one-day event

Altrusia to discuss ​Cloud Governance and Security management in one-day event

Global events company Altrusia has announced its “Cloud Governance & Security Management summit” on 24th June 2022.

The event aims to unite visionary speakers and leaders from the field of business, services, innovation, technology, and IT in order to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of robust cloud infrastructure within their organisations across various industries.

The conference comes as no organisation has been untouched by the pandemic, and the increased volume of employees working from home are now using conferencing and collaboration services to accelerate the process of digital transformation across industries.

Many organisations migrated their legacy IT infrastructure to more robust cloud infrastructure to meet the demand and necessary need for remote workers in the past two years. As a result of the implementation of these new digital technologies and practices, the business world experienced a large and opportunistic uptick in exposure to cybercrime. Now more than ever it has become necessary to implement a strong cloud governance posture as part of every business’ essential cybersecurity strategy.

Cloud governance is a set of rules and policies adopted by companies that run services in the cloud. A robust cloud governance can help organisations run their business well and keep it safe, as well as providing a level of protection against a number of avoidable risks. These risks include data breaches, intellectual property theft, damage to brand and reputation, financial loss, and non-compliance with mandates like PCI and HIPAA.

With the proliferation of the Cloud, governance and security management must be tailored to suit different customers. This leads to the necessity of customising and building a suite of tools that optimise Cloud Governance & Security Management.

​Cloud Governance & Security management by Altrusia is a one day networking event that will invite visionary speakers and leaders to discuss the challenges that they currently face. Speakers confirmed include:

  • Nagesh Gummadivalli – Identity Governance and Risk Partner- Netflix
  • Brian Jones – Head of Application Security & Vulnerability Management- Meta
  • George Kavvalakis – Windows Systems Risk Management & Security Architect- BNP Paribas
  • Amirali Shahinpour – Senior Security Software Engineer- Twitch

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