Akamai announces new Data Scrubbing Centre in Dubai

Akamai announces new Data Scrubbing Centre in Dubai

Akamai Technologies, Inc has announced the deployment of a new scrubbing centre in Dubai, positioning its DDoS protection platform to deliver the strongest security protections to organisations across the Middle East.

As the Middle East continues to develop its Saudi Vision 2030 plan, the amount of digital business taking place in the region is skyrocketing. Organisations are requiring the implementation of digital scrubbing centres as a means to ensure prolonged protection against cyber threats, malware and other digital assaults.

Mehmet Eken, Regional Sales Manager for EMEA at Akamai said: “As a whole, Dubai is characterised by a thriving start-up ecosystem with a strong emphasis on digital transformation, but the vibrant business scene also increases the surface for cyberattacks, which means that a local focus is essential.”

The new scrubbing centre in Dubai will manage the influx of data heading into local organisations, helping with the implementation and handling of continuity management, cloud services, technology, cyber-defence strategy and more.

As Cyber-attacks evolve, customers will seek ‘always on’ DDoS protection and having an in-region scrubbing centre is crucial for eliminating latency and delivering functional user-end experiences. The scrubbing centre will allow for better implementation and upgrading of cyber-defences in the region and allow for a point of contact if a data emergency does take place.