Ajax Systems announces smart light LightSwitch

Ajax Systems announces smart light LightSwitch

Ajax Systems has introduced a new innovation to the marketplace, the LightSwitch smart light switch.

This product combines the professional security switch with the best-in-class user experience that Ajax Systems have become known for.

A number of illumination devices can be synched on the same device and controlled either on-site or remotely through the use of the Ajax App. Lights can be set through timers or other automation routines – perfect for deterring would-be bad actors during periods when staff are away.

Speaking on the reveal of the LightSwitch smart light switch, Aleksandr Knotopskyi, CEO of Ajax Systems said: “We have superior technology stack to deliver an outstanding product for lighting control. And we already have over a million facilities connected, our users love Ajax, and we believe we can establish a new generation of lighting control.”

From an installation perspective, LightSwitch is an entirely hassle-free device. It has standard dimensions of European switches, does not require a neutral wire, and features replaceable face panels, available in eight colours. The product line also includes one-gang, two-gang, and two-way models, and frames of various sizes.