Airbus helps protect 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Airbus helps protect 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Airbus was responsible for rolling out its mission-critical solutions to the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, as the event’s official secure communication technology provider.

The technologies deployed at the motorsport’s spectacle were pivotal to protecting and safeguarding both the venue and the people there, while at the same time allowing seamless on-site race activities and operations.

At vital points of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, Airbus deployed its TMR880i, THR880i, TH1N and TH9 Tetra radios, as well as its RCS9500 Radio Dispatch Console. The technology provided secure collaboration and connectivity between the event organisers and the on-site security teams who were tasked with managing the security of the recently concluded event.

Selim Bouri, Vice President for Airbus Secure Land Communications in Africa, Asia and the Middle East said: “Clear, concise and secure communication is an important success factor of any event. To better respond to incidents, organising committees and security personnel on the ground must be connected at all times. Airbus has the expertise and capabilities to effectively address this need.

“Our easy-to-use and highly reliable mobile Tetra radios are equipped with advanced features ideal for different activities, may these be small or large scale.”